Organic Ear Candy Sample Pack




This is a sample pack for those who want to harness the ear-opening and heart-lifting sonic signature of organic percussive instruments. The intended aim here is to complement the synthetic nature of electronic music beats, by layering in these ear candies, bringing otherwise machinelike stale compositions to life.

20 audio files are provided here, each one focusing on a different tool or instrument. You are encouraged to find the expression or hit that resonates the most with you, and to layer it in to your composition, or trigger it with a slicing tool like Ableton Live’s Simpler.

Sounds included:

  • Albanian cowbell
  • Caxixi
  • Bell tree
  • Bells (hard)
  • Bells (soft)
  • Card scrape
  • Chain on wood
  • Chain rattle
  • Claps
  • Colanut shaker
  • Djembe
  • Glass
  • Gong
  • Jujubean maracas
  • Metronome
  • Rainstick
  • Ceramic scrapes
  • Shaker eggs
  • Tibetan bell
  • Wood beater

Here’s a little speed-tour through the types of sounds included!