The Foundations Fast Track is for those who want to commit to finishing the Foundations of Electronic Music course in record time, with the guaranteed support, feedback and exchange from coaches and peers in a classroom.

The Foundations Fast Track is a complementary service to the Foundations of Electronic Music course. Because the Foundations course is video-only, we want to offer a chance for you to have the classroom experience with your peers and a real coach via Zoom to ensure that:

  1. you are on schedule to finishing your first tracks by the end of the course
  2. you feel confident and supported throughout the process, with no chance of falling off, losing momentum or getting stuck
  3. to review the material together & clarify anything that needs clarifying
  4. to give feedback on your works in progress

Please note that this is a service that is purchased separately to the Foundations course: you should buy the Foundations course independently, and then sign up for the Fast Track session that suits you best. We run Fast Tracks monthly and they consist of 4 consecutive weekly Zoom sessions.

You’ll be expected to watch the videos and practice in your own time outside of class. The sessions are not a replacement for the videos: you need to study the videos before coming to the sessions!

Next Fast Tracks:

  • The March Fast Track: 1 March, 8 March, 15 March, 22 March 2022 Sign up here (buy the 1st session & we will send you an email with details for the remaining sessions)
  • The April Fast Track: 5 April, 12 April, 19 April, 26 April 2022 Sign up here

Participation in the Fast Track costs $249 USD, to be paid via PayPal following the Calendly links above. In the case of any questions, please send an email to


In session 1 we will refresh chapters 1 and 2, on DAW orientation and drum programming (audio and MIDI).

Everyone will introduce themselves & get to know your peers. You will have a chance to ask questions, share experiences and be confident when going into the next chapter.


In session 2 we will refresh chapters 3 and 4, on using simple synths, and the basics of harmony.

Our coach will ensure you don’t get stuck in music theory and will quickly be able to apply it in practice.


In session 3 we’ll refresh chapters 5 and 6, we’ll talk about programming instruments with intent – composition and some synthesis basics.

By this time you’ll really start to see your musical ideas come together and you’ll take command of your own sound design.


In session 4 we’ll finish reviewing chapters 7 and 8 of the course, on arrangement and climaxes.

At this point we can identify anything that’s blocking you from finishing your first tracks and get it resolved.

Be part of a peer group

We’ll keep the classrooms small so people can get to know each other & grow together outside of the classroom too. Each class will have a voluntary WhatsApp group where people can share resources, send their works-in-progress etc.

Get feedback on your work

As you get closer to completing your first compositions, you’ll have a chance to submit your track to our coach for individualised feedback, to point out any blind spots and to get an independant perspective on what works and doesn’t work. The coach can then point you in the right direction for your next learning steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will these sessions be with Oscar from the Underdog YouTube channel?

A: Sadly, Oscar is only one guy with limited time and he can’t duplicate himself, so no, he won’t be in the sessions. Instead, he is training coaches to run these sessions, and he guarantees their competence and quality. If anything is amiss, Oscar will be right there to fix it.

Q: I’m confused by the structure of the course, how do the chapters and sessions line up?

A: Indeed, these sessions are assuming that you’ll go through the course curriculum slightly faster than the average viewer – it’s a commitment to yourself to reach your next level as a producer within four weeks. A noble objective, and surely worth a little numbers confusion 🙂