The Underdog Bootcamp

This 6 weeks (12 classes) online course for beginners offers an overview of all the essential skills to get started as an electronic music producer. Start from zero, and within 6 weeks you'll be finishing your first tracks, and you'll know if making electronic music is for you!

The bootcamp offers an overview of all the basic skills to get started as an electronic music producer. Classes are Tuesday & Thursday, 18h30-20h30, online via Zoom (Belgian time!).

These are small group classes with Oscar from Underdog himself who will have attention for you and your needs. The interactive classes are complemented with videos you can re-watch between sessions.

What will I learn in the Bootcamp?

In the Underdog Bootcamp, you will learn a whole suite of concepts that will serve as your foundation for developing your own electronic music.

Underdog's focus is on producing electronic music genres, often oriented for the dancefloor.

You will learn all the concepts that producers use every day, in the music-making software called Ableton Live (you can use the trial version for free). This includes:

  • How to use Ableton Live's session view and arrangement view.
  • How to use audio and MIDI, exploring the benefits of both workflows.
  • The essential audio instruments that all producers use, including synthesizers and samplers. We will use these to make basslines and melodies.
  • Rhythm essentials, drum programming.
  • Music theory fundamentals like scales, chords, chord progressions, and how to use them practically.
  • All audio effects you need to transform sounds to fit your palette.
  • How to construct songs using the free sample pack we will give you.
  • Analysing your favourite songs so you can learn to replicate them.
  • Composing and arranging songs from a loop-idea to a full track.
  • The essentials of mixing and mastering, to make your songs sound professional.

The bootcamp is taught by Oscar from Underdog himself, plus occasional guest lecturers.

Requirements: No prior knowledge necessary. This is a course for absolute beginners. You should have a computer, headphones, and Ableton's free trial version. We start from zero, so you don't need to know anything.

How do I sign up?

The upcoming intake dates are on the frontpage of the Underdog website. You can purchase your registration directly there.

If you would like to be on the list for future intakes as soon as they are launched, subscribe to our mailing list!

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